Doggy Rules

We allow up to 2 well behaved dogs per booking, 3 subject to approval (size/behaviour/age) to stay in the cottage absolutely free of charge, however, as we also welcome guests who don't bring dogs too, and to enable us to continue to accept dogs, we have a few doggy rules.
  • Dogs must be restricted to the lounge and kitchen/dining (upstairs) rooms only.

  • Dogs must not be allowed onto the furniture.

  • Dogs must not be allowed to go into the bedrooms and, under no circumstances, should they be allowed onto the beds.

  • Dogs must not be left alone in the cottage.

We ask that you place your pets bed in the kitchen at night with the lounge door closed to ensure there are no 'accidents' on the carpeted lounge floor and no sneaky lounging on the furniture overnight!

And I know for most responsible dog owners this goes without saying, (but unfortunately some need reminding!) any mess, of any kind, from your dog must be cleaned properly as soon as possible after the incident with the appropriate cleaner which is provided at the cottage. If, after cleaning, there is a risk of staining or permanent damage please do get in touch with us. We would much prefer you to let us know and give us the opportunity to sort it out before it dries in and sets.

If your dog likes to sleep on the bed with you or lounge on the furniture then this cottage is, unfortunately, not for you but we do hope that these doggy rules can be accommodated and you can all enjoy your stay. 

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